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  • Mood: Excited
  • Listening to: 【Hatsune Miku】unravel -Full-【
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  • Watching: 【Hatsune Miku】unravel -Full-【
  • Playing: about to play garry's mod in bit
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Well, It been a while since i did something and its time for to get back on it. I have Photoshop now and i can really have fun with pictures. My computer teacher has giving us a online portfolio assignment and have to create my own website to show off what i can do. So now, I have get back into working on my projects again and i really want to before but i got busy with work or school and didn't have the time for it. But now i have sundays off because i told my boss at work that i need one day out of the weekend to do school work. So i can use this time to only do homework but also use it for my projects that i wanted to do for months.    

Also, a couple days ago, my psvita's battery kept dying every 2 minutes even at a full charge and i was able to turn it on at dead battery which i thought was strange. So after i got out of school, i called PlayStation and explain to them what was happening with my vita. The guy was very helpful and told to first rebuild the database on the system. I did that and it the battery still kept dying a full charge and then he told me to format the system which i did(i took out the memory card before i that) and the problem still continued. So now I have to go buy a new one because i'm not spending a 129 dollars to get it repaired and the ps vita is not totally useless, its just that i now have to keep it on a charger whenever i want to play with it which is really annoying and i used it a mp3 player so that i can plug it in to my car and listen to my music while i was driving but now i have to go back to my old Psp to listen to music again until i get extra cash to buy a new ps vita. 
Kano and kido by legendaryWolfman
Kano and kido
Well Its been a while hasn't it?
I just got Photoshop and decided to play with a picture I found on google images. The character that are kissing is Kido(to the left) and Kano(to the right). They are from an anime called Mekakucity actors or also known as Kagerou Project, its about a group of teenagers that have eye powers and call themselves the Mekakushi Dan. Kido is the leader of this group and has the Concealing eyes ability which allows her to hide her presence and anyone within a two meter radius of her. Kano is the 3rd member of this group and has the deceiving eyes ability which allows him to deceive how people perceive him. I've only seen the anime (which I recommend watching and its available on Hulu website for free) but in the manga, it is reference that Kido and Kano have crushes on each other. I've been messing with this picture for two days and surprised my boyfriend with this picture for his birthday and it is a celebration of our anniversary for being together a year. I did my best to clear up the picture and try to make as pretty as possible. These characters that are kissing is not my own art (except for the background behind them, I did that myself and got crazy with it) and I only modify the picture, it was originally black and white. 
  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: Castle of glass by Linkin Park
  • Reading: My sims needs
  • Watching: My sims of course
  • Playing: the Sims 3
  • Drinking: a bottle of water
I been hearing that there is a hacker among us in deviantart and I will tell you that I don't post porn, I only post poems, digital art, and 3d models. None of my art is related to porn in any way. So if I get hacked please report this account and maybe I can get my account back from the hacker. Also for you steam players, there is a virus going around in steam and my friend sent me this warning while I was on garry's mod:

"If two people by name (NisseFar and Nivek) wants to add you to their list, do not accept. It is a virus. Tell it to everyone on your list because if one person on your list adds him or her, you get it too. It is a hard drive killer and a very horrible virus. Please pass it to everyone on your friend's list."

I already have sent this to all my friends and I suggest you do the same to prevent you from getting this virus.


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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I am a artist and poet. I do 3-d and digital art. I write poems that are depressing and dark. I also write stories on fanfiction and fictionpress. I think werewolves are cool and love to play a game that lets you play as one. I am a gamer, i grew up with old game systems and learn how to become good player at games even though I played by myself most of the time. I believe that life can be hard at times but we have to stay strong and keep going even if you believe you can't. I consider myself a lone wolf even though I have friends but a lot of the time I feel alone. I try to be there for my friends and will help them when they need it.

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We need to play Town of Salem together sometime. It's your fault that I am addicted to that game. XD
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I know:D (Big Grin). I've been playing it alot lately. i found a couple games that a free on steam. you should join me.
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I have a steam but I never use it, but I'll gladly play games with you. What games are they? 
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vindictus and hidden
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